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22 февраля 2020 01:02
Now I know what I’m watching this weekend...#myfirstRratedmovie@chq1874 with @mariahessss#wesneakedin•@thiswashollywood: "In the original script, it was supposed to be just my character dancing," @mollyringwald said. "And I’ve never really considered myself a dancer. ... I was like 'Ahhh God, I don’t know about this.'" So at the last minute director John Hughes changed it to be a group dance.Film: #TheBreakfastClub (1985) Song: “We Are Not Alone” by Karla DeVito

21 февраля 2020 04:57
We understand the primal need for Girl Scout cookies. Apparently there are some crazy corners of the country where @girlscouts are NOT set up in front of every grocery store—and we are here to help. If you are in need—email me your cookie preferences and address—and our stash will go on a first come, first served basis (although a good story has been know to shake a couple of boxes off the Thin Mint tree). : jenhasextra@gmail.com

20 февраля 2020 05:28
Shout out to God for seeing this old gal down the face of this mountain. ##doesthiseverhappentoyou, @chelseahandler?

18 февраля 2020 19:32
(Happy birthday, @nksolaka).: @mantramagazine

17 февраля 2020 18:51
If this holiday morning find you at home with little ones—this video of my family’s favorite lazy morning tradition is for you. If you think me making snowmen by myself is creepy: .

15 февраля 2020 19:06
I was riveted by @nickkristof and @wudunn’s new book #Tightrope (and lucky enough to narrate it for you audiobook listeners. ) @newsweek calls Tightrope “the timeliest and most engrossing work of nonfiction this year…the story of neighbors, friends and family, addiction and disease, American blight and the policies that caused it”.

14 февраля 2020 20:08
Sometimes the real win is the girlfriend who hands you the bat. Happy Valentine’s Day, @jessicabiel— you’ll always be the Shirley to my Laverne. #GarryMarshallgoteverythingright

14 февраля 2020 06:13
I’ve been working on my #Giselle. Is this right, Cindy?.Thinking of all of you at @abtofficial. Sending healing love to @mistyonpointe. Merde to @isabellaboylston, @stellaabreradetsky, @skylarbrandt, @heeseoabt, @gillianemurphy, @sarahlaneofficial AND everyone else! (Hi, @jamesbwhiteside)

12 февраля 2020 23:39
And then, she napped. #comingforyou @pberg44#deathbybethmademedoit (@bethjnicely)

11 февраля 2020 00:09
A reminder from Birdie: it’s Monday.

09 февраля 2020 21:43
For 25 years I’ve stood at the stage door to watch @alvinailey dancers leave after a performance—a silent thank you from me to them. Now that I’ve outed myself as a dance geek and huge fan —they stop and give me a squeeze. I die. @hbdance and @yannicklebrun—and to all of the incredible company at the Kennedy Center last night—thank you for sharing your dance with us. You were transcendent as ever. X

08 февраля 2020 17:08
First post after accidentally taking a week off. #howdoesthisworkagain? #kickingandscreaming #comeonoldgal

31 января 2020 20:16
#FBF (@michaelthompsonstudio for @allure, when was )

31 января 2020 02:15
Saturday is too far away.(: @lumi_zola_cats)

29 января 2020 21:36
My favorite reminder.

28 января 2020 04:19
@hermusicofficial, you should have heard the crew of #YesDay cheering for you this morning! Congratulations on a virtuosic performance last night. Please come play with us again; you’re welcome any time.

26 января 2020 03:26
#iwin (: @kaydenhines)

23 января 2020 22:40
how is it still january? (@__jjtc__ )

23 января 2020 01:06
Yes ma’am, @dollyparton, whatever you say.

22 января 2020 04:23
On #NationalHugDay, hug any middle schooler you can grab—they can probably use the love. And since I’m at work tonight, if you see my teen—give her a big squeeze for me. She’s pretty great.#tothekidsimethere #thankyouforthelove #yestohugsonYesDay