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07 декабря 2019 00:56
This is such a good reminder—when you can, if you can—help someone have their best day! #haveaniceweekend(thanks for sharing the love @k_jeanpierre and @mallikachopra)

05 декабря 2019 22:49
Go big or go home . #aggressivechristmas

04 декабря 2019 19:18
I’m so happy to introduce you to our #YesDay Family—•@edgarramirez25, the patriarch.•@jennaortega, needs no introduction. •@julianlerner, resident Broadway Baby. •@everlyeverywhere, our secret weapon. #netflix #wecute #

03 декабря 2019 20:52
For 100 years, @savethechildren has been making the world a safer, more equitable, healthier place for the world’s most vulnerable and hardest to reach children. If you want to give to children who have been displaced by conflict, if you want to feed the malnourished, if you want to level the playing field for girls, if you want to help children whose lives have been devastated by natural disasters, if you want to help poor children in rural United States start school ready to learn—please consider #SaveTheChildren on this #GivingTuesday. No amount is too small to help change a life. Thank you

02 декабря 2019 23:54
Great news! @onceuponafarm’s baby food and smoothies are now available in Canada!! We are working hard to expand, but in the meantime, please use our store locator to find us! (link in bio thingy)#wearesmallbutmighty #andtotesinternational

01 декабря 2019 04:35
Don’t worry about us, rest of America. We’re hanging in there. #its46degrees #

29 ноября 2019 23:52
Instructions: Ten seconds of focus on people who have shaped and loved you. Thanks for the reminder, Mr. Rogers. ( My cup runneth over ).Repost @thrive— Gratitude doesn’t have to end on #Thanksgiving. Here’s a great reminder from Mr. Rogers to share #gratitude throughout this holiday season and all year round.

28 ноября 2019 03:24
@katiecouric asked #JulieAndrews to call me. It was a surprise. I’m sure you’ll be shocked to learn this, but I love her..#NextQuestionwithKatieCouric with Dame Andrews is out tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving to all of us. #zerochill #thankyoukatie #

27 ноября 2019 00:26
Anyone looking for a Sugar Plum Fairy? Please consider my audition. #TutuTuesday #surpriseCindyIborrowedyourbody (: @isabellaboylston )

25 ноября 2019 02:03
How has this escaped us for all these years?! Important! Dirty Dancing Forever. @jennifer_grey — Patrick Swayze — @kennyortegablog (repost @thiswashollywood )

23 ноября 2019 01:45
Ferret Friday. #thisisanopossum(@juniperfoxx, thanks for sharing @juliettelewis)

21 ноября 2019 04:43
I would like to tell you this was an isolated incident, but.....

19 ноября 2019 04:01
#YesDay @netflix , Day 1.

18 ноября 2019 05:00
Monday: back off! #sundayscaries #newjobtomorrow ( from the internet)Thank you for sharing the good stuff, @wendyw, always!

16 ноября 2019 20:54
Well, this was delicious. #madeitforthekids #ateit

15 ноября 2019 22:31
@inagarten and I had a blast serving families of @lafoodbank, @ymcala, @specialneedsnetwork, and @savethechildren with #WalmartCommunityTable. Thanksgiving is all about cooking and baking and it’s also about just plain old being together. This evening had all of it-and we loved every minute.

12 ноября 2019 21:40
My board meetings are cuter than your board meetings . @onceuponafarm #cowsareinthefield

11 ноября 2019 22:14
Dads are the best. #TutuTuesday on a Monday. ( Repost @themichaelealy )

11 ноября 2019 04:06
@Baby2Baby gets a lot of attention for glamorous women being glamorous at the yearly gala, but I am lucky enough to see the work up close, where glamour is not part of the picture. @NorahWeinstein and @KellySawyer lead #Baby2Baby with intelligence, passion, and hard core mama love. First, it was collecting baby gear to be redistributed to moms in need—it wasn’t long before they were receiving millions of donated diapers, wipes, hygiene items, basic necessities, toys, clothes, shoes—and making them available to kids all over LA. They quickly became @SavetheChildren’s go to partner at disaster relief sites—sending all of these goods by the truckload for #SavetheChildren to distribute to families in crisis—all over the country. One in three moms in this country chooses between diapering and feeding their children. Diapers matter. Wipes matter. Shoes and backpacks and books matter. Lifting any stressor off of a parent in need changes the game for that family—doing it with compassion and heart humanizes and lifts up parents who need it most. I will always put on a dress to celebrate Norah, Kelly, and the beautiful work of Baby2Baby.

08 ноября 2019 21:14
We aren’t going to get tired of thanking our firefighters. #lookforthehelpers #thankyouEngine69