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19 апреля 2021 19:45
Maple Butter—the most obvious staple I’d never made. #PretendCookingShow.8 tablespoons butter1 cup Grade B maple syrupHeat and whisk together. That’s it! Yum.

17 апреля 2021 07:09
.Birthday inspo from @audreynethery_official

16 апреля 2021 16:49
A little namaste for your flashback Friday.

13 апреля 2021 21:56
Is Is there anything better than a fierce little girl? I don’t think so. (@paigeetobin).Thank you for sharing this with me, @greggrunberg

11 апреля 2021 23:23
Happy Pet Day to Moose. .#NationalPetDay

11 апреля 2021 03:38
My sisters, oh how I love you (even if I was apparently too cool to smile at the camera ). #NationalSiblingDay: 1998–@laraporzak, was this you?

10 апреля 2021 18:54
Sustaining joy through life’s challenges. A meditation with @chelsealovesyoga.

09 апреля 2021 20:05
@onceuponafarm and @theconsciouskid #Storytellers has become one of my favorite projects. When you meet Ayaan, his mother Alissa, and her sister Zulekha you will see why. Hopefully this conversation will inspire you the way @AyaanDiop in his book @ImSmartImBlessedICanDoAnything inspired me. The story may be about Ayaan— a friendly, smart, bright little boy— but Alissa and Zulekha wrote it for YOU. All of us can benefit from taking a look at how we talk to ourselves. All of us will see our vulnerabilities and bravery, our smiles and our skin colors reflected in this joyful, galvanizing, must-have for little kids book. Thank you @alissa360style and @amomdotcom for this conversation, I won’t forget it. And Ayaan - I’m ready for our zoom play date when you are.

09 апреля 2021 05:06
a day to commemorate the 6 million lives lost to The Holocaust. My family, as far as I know, has never been persecuted. As a Protestant, white woman— privileged in every way— I am embarrassed to talk about The Holocaust, Stop Asian Hate, Black Lives Matter. It feels like it isn’t my place..But if we don’t just dive in— halting and awkward— to ask questions and connect the dots, to see real singular people instead of the movements representing them— how can we learn and heal and move forward?.With that in mind.....please meet my incredible friend, Dr. Aliza Pressman. She is brilliant, glamorous, hilarious and wise. She is a specialist in children’s development and she is an expert at translating the science behind a child’s emotional life into mom-speak. If you have children of any age in your life— please listen to @raisinggoodhumanspodcast, I promise you will love it. .My friend Aliza is also the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors. Aliza shared some of her family’s haunting and love filled stories with me and explained how to talk to children of different developmental stages about the Holocaust. We recorded the conversation as a podcast in honor of Yom HaShoah, in honor of Aliza’s Mama Bina and Papa Jack, and in honor of the family she lost. The full episode is available wherever you find your podcasts.

07 апреля 2021 17:32
Good morning. What..@mycutestfrenchie

06 апреля 2021 18:31
@onceuponafarm contracted two very discerning critics to analyze our brand refresh. Would the new logo catch their eye? Would kids of all ages be attracted to our family of farmyard friends? Would customers be just as happy to have our Farm-to-Fridge, no added sugar, cold-pressed, plant based goodness as they were with the original look? Yes. Yes, it turns out they would. Our new website is just as exciting and built for busy moms with choosy kids! .Thank you to our brand scientists (and my favorite ladies), Remy and Hazel! ( @cvolden @kburtonw )

06 апреля 2021 07:42
YES DAY behind-the-scenes provide context for my new contract stipulation—I must shoot all future films at middle schools, where the enthusiasm is high and the hugs are free. (Shot juuuuust before Covid, thank goodness). YES DAY is happy-ening on @netflix!

04 апреля 2021 19:51
Happy Easter!

04 апреля 2021 02:41
This Easter weekend feels so happy it deserves a backyard dance with my girl @tilerpeck.

02 апреля 2021 00:03
The closer we get to ‘normal’, the more anxious I am to get back to visiting kids in hidden pockets of rural America. @savethechildren, thank you for 13 years of time with children who may not have been dealt a fair hand, but who know how to play and laugh and dig into a story. I’m lucky to be along for the ride. XX Jen.Beautiful : “Resolution” by @mattcorby

01 апреля 2021 04:48
Mom: A Portrait, by a tween (who is very ready for spring break.)

31 марта 2021 02:51
(via @ogi._.i)

29 марта 2021 01:34
The age old question.

27 марта 2021 19:00
Victoria was an awesome photo double for “Ellie” (@everlyeverywhere) on YES DAY. She had one big ask of me: For everyone to see us dance Thriller together. Does this work for you, cutie-patootie? (So many amazing kids in and behind the scenes, I’m proud of all of you).

25 марта 2021 22:20
You and me both, little lady. .via @bestdance.official