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02 августа 2020 20:15
Guess how many trophies these two young men’s won?! #thestorycontinues

02 августа 2020 11:20
One more! It’s not a bad habit

02 августа 2020 01:49
Happy to win the last two of the nine Serie A consecutive titles for Juventus! It seems easy but it isn't! Year after year with talent, dedication and hard work you can achieve your goals and be better than before! Let’s go for my third # italychampions # 31goals #finoallafine

31 июля 2020 22:58
Staying healthy and hygienic is important. Keep a safe distance, wash your hands rigorously and don’t forget keep your hair, scalp & body clean daily. @clearindonesia has new Clear Men 3-in-1 for your hygiene needs, try it now!Want to see this in your country? Comment below!#Sikathabis #KeepAClearHead #ClearMen3in1

31 июля 2020 19:32
You choose the view

28 июля 2020 19:59
I’m ready to chase the sun with my brand new Eyewear Collection!See all about my partnership with @italiaindependentofficial at cr7-eyewear.com.#CR7EYEWEAR #PLAYFECTIONISM

27 июля 2020 21:43
LA FAMIGLIA CAMPIONE!Nothing better than celebrate your victories with the ones you love

27 июля 2020 01:18
Ecco fatto! Campioni d’Italia Felicissimo per il secondo scudetto consecutivo e per continuare a costruire la storia di questo grande e splendido club.Questo titolo e dedicato a tutti i tifosi della Juve, in particolare a coloro che hanno sofferto e soffrono per la pandemia che ci ha colti tutti di sorpresa rovesciando il mondo.Non e stato facile! Il vostro coraggio, la vostra attitudine e la vostra determinazione sono state la forza di cui avevamo bisogno per affrontare questa stretta finale del campionato e lottare fino alla fine per questo titolo che appartiene a tutta l’Italia. Un grande abbraccio a voi tutti! #stron9er #finoallafine

23 июля 2020 11:00
From one footballer to another ! Enjoy the Nike Flight Ball @jujugol #PlayWithLove

21 июля 2020 01:19
A very important victory! We’re almost there guys! Let’s go #FinoAllaFine #forzajuve

18 июля 2020 14:40
Good nutrition is at the core of my success. What’s yours? #HerbalifeNutrition

17 июля 2020 19:35
Make your dreams come true always with special company!

13 июля 2020 20:41
Relaxing and lovely moments

12 июля 2020 01:45
A difficult game but a very important point. Keep on fighting until the end #FinoAllaFine

10 июля 2020 13:59
Faz hoje 4 anos que vivemos um dia histórico e único para todos nós! Para mim foi sem dúvida o título mais importante da minha carreira! #campeoesdaeuropa2016 #Portugal

09 июля 2020 20:27

08 июля 2020 01:49
It wasn’t the result we wanted but Head up and keep working! #alltogether #finoallafine

05 июля 2020 18:11
Happy Sunday #blessed

05 июля 2020 00:06
I love this feeling

04 июля 2020 21:05
Grande vittoria! Abbiamo bisogno di questo spirito... FINO ALLA FINE

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