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05 апреля 2020 19:11
Hey guys, I have a new challenge for you to stay active: the Living Room Cup . Can you step up and beat my core crusher record? Show me what you got and use #livingroomcup #playinside @nike @cristiano so I can you!

04 апреля 2020 15:40
Stay home and keep stylish #stayhomestaysafe

01 апреля 2020 14:13
Breathe in, breathe out. Stay active #stayhomesavelives

30 марта 2020 15:58
In this difficult moment for the whole world, let’s be thankful for the things that matter - our health, our family, our loved ones. Stay home and let’s help all the health workers out there fighting to save lives. #stayhomesavelives

29 марта 2020 02:17
Feeling very thankful to have my mum home from hospital and recovering. Look after your families and loved ones. #stayhomesavelives

21 марта 2020 16:57
If you ever dreamed of playing for millions around the world, now is your chance. Play inside, play for the world.#staysafe #playinside #playfortheworld

20 марта 2020 22:15
Hi guys, just a little message and reminder of the steps we must all follow to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Please stay safe. #stayhome #staysafe

14 марта 2020 00:01

09 марта 2020 00:54
So proud to reach 1000 official games in my career with a very important victory that put us on the top of the table again!Thank you to all my teammates, coaches, my family & friends and to my fans that helped me to reach this great achievement.

06 марта 2020 17:55
Our best it's guaranteed #finoallafine #forzajuve

28 февраля 2020 23:50
Stay focused on your goals

27 февраля 2020 03:26
Not the result we wanted but UCL games are always tough. We have 90 minutes to fight back in Torino and have the confidence we will move ahead in the competition. #finoallafine #forzajuve

25 февраля 2020 18:58
Always on my mind...see you tommorrow #UCL #forzajuve

24 февраля 2020 23:01
Funny moment with my babies

22 февраля 2020 23:15
3 more important points!Now let’s focus on UCL game!#finoallafine #forzajuve

21 февраля 2020 15:23
My new Mercurial Dream Speed is here and they make me feel like I can move at the speed of light So excited to see @k.mbappe , @jessiicasilva10 @samanthakerr20 , @wulei_wl7 and @barbarabonansea all illuminate their games on pitch with it!You can shop today at nike.com/football.#cristiano #cr7 #mercurial #dreamspeed #nikefootball #nikesoccer #nike #football #soccer

20 февраля 2020 21:19
Here's a new sneak peak on my upcoming @CR7cristianoronaldo Eyewear collection in partnership with @italiaindependentofficial ! Had so much fun on set with Lapo!Take a look and tell me which ones look better on me! #CR7Eyewear #CR7 #PLAYFECTIONISM

17 февраля 2020 21:48
Ice recovery

14 февраля 2020 18:10
Family’s lunch

14 февраля 2020 02:24
Tough game but we stick together as a team and now we have the second leg at home, with the support of our tiffosi, to reach the #coppaitalia final!#finoallafine #forzajuve

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