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06 декабря 2019 19:00

05 декабря 2019 20:06
Glam Room Palette No. 1: FAME (and two brand new products!) are available now on hauslabs.com and amazon.com/hauslabs

04 декабря 2019 20:02
Inspired by when I worked as a burlesque dancer as I was working to become a star, these shades remind me of my times on the lower east side in New York and the identity I created for myself then. I assume many would expect my first palette to be full of crazy colors, but the truth is when I was first discovering my identity, self-love, and compassion, I used colors that would contour, shape, and amplify my look in a way that made me feel beautiful. That made me feel famous from the inside out, even when no one knew who I was. Step into our glam room, and enjoy the FAME.Available on @hauslabs (hauslabs.com) & amazon.com/hauslabs tomorrow at 9am PT, and at our pop up in LA Thurs/Fri

04 декабря 2019 02:03
The @hauslabs @amazon HOLIDAY HAUS POP-UP is open for experimenting and shopping on Thursday 12/5 from 12pm - 5:30pm at The Grove in Los Angeles… and you never know who will pop in More info in my stories & link in bio. See u there!

02 декабря 2019 20:14
Get 3 of my fave lip glosses in a special set today only @hauslabs @amazon

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This is the only lip syncing I’ll be doing It’s #BlackFriday and @hauslabs LIP SYNC Set is available now for a special price at hauslabs.com or amazon.com/hauslabs

26 ноября 2019 23:03
Angel Baby Available on amazon.com/hauslabs and hauslabs.com by @christinehahn by @sarahtannomakeup by @fredericaspiras

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Angel Baby Available on amazon.com/hauslabs and hauslabs.com by @christinehahn by @sarahtannomakeup by @fredericaspiras

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21 ноября 2019 02:26
I am overwhelmed with joy that our work on A Star Is Born continues to be recognized over a year after it was released. THANK U @recordingacademy for the 3 Grammy nominations today!! This is me and my engineer, and co-producer of “Shallow”, Ben Rice on July 9, 2018 when we turned in the final master for the soundtrack. And it’s the exact same mood that I have today finding out we were nominated for best compilation soundtrack, song of the year, and best song written for visual media (the song categories for two years in a row )! I love you all, thank you for the love and support!

20 ноября 2019 02:00
Wearing @hauslabs Glam Attack Metallic Crème in Chains and Sparkle Lipstick in Burlesque!! Have a rockin’ Holidays!!

18 ноября 2019 22:15
Sparkle Lipstick in Burlesque get it now on Instagram (tap the photo!), hauslabs.com & amazon.com/hauslabs

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Cosmic Love Holiday Collection is out now @hauslabs

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New @hauslabs tomorrow Available at hauslabs.com and @amazon

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Part 1 of the @hauslabs Cosmic Love Holiday Collection is launching on 11/18 Tap the image to learn more about the new lipstick, and follow @hauslabs because they’re revealing the entire collection tomorrow at 9am PT

14 ноября 2019 04:22
There is nothing more important in this world than kindness. Self-kindness, kindness towards others, kindness to the earth and the universe. It heals all things. It’s a form of love that never fails. #happyworldkindnessday #bekind today and everyday. Let’s heal each other, ourselves, and the earth. #lovewins I’m so grateful for all the kind people in my life and I pledge to work everyday to be kinder to others and myself. It’s a new chapter, let’s change the world together.

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New @hauslabs drops next week

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@Oprah @OprahMagazine thank u for including @hauslabs on your list of favorite things this year!

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ELLE December 2019 @elleusaEditor-In-Chief: @ninagarciaCreative Director: #StephenGanPhotographer: @solvesundsbostudio #SolveSundsboStylist: @tomeerebout @sandraamador.xxHair: @fredericaspirasMakeup: @sarahtannomakeup @hauslabsNails: @mihonailsProduction: @joyasburyproductions