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21 января 2021 20:07
President Biden took all of these executive actions on his first day in office.

15 января 2021 19:21
The upsurge in violent killings of Virunga staff has left Africa’s oldest national park in an extremely vulnerable position. The brave rangers of Virunga National Park show up every day, despite the risks, to preserve one of the planet’s last remaining biodiversity hotspots. To date, over 200 rangers have been killed protecting Virunga and its surrounding communities, the highest fatality rate for any protected area on earth. We know that these rangers need our help now more than ever.Please join me, @Global_Wildlife_Conservation and the European Union in supporting the Virunga National Park at this time of emergency through the Virunga Fund. Global Wildlife Conservation and the E.U. will match every dollar that Virunga raises. The park’s survival depends on us. Please visit virunga.org/donate or click the link in my bio. #Virunga #VirungaNationalPark #Congo

12 января 2021 22:24
From @VirungaNationalPark: It is with immense sadness that Virunga National Park confirms the deaths of 6 Park Rangers in an attack by armed assailants on the morning of Sunday 10th January 2021. 1 other Ranger was seriously wounded in the assault. The Ranger has been evacuated to hospital in Goma and his injuries are no longer considered life-threatening. The identities of the Rangers who lost their lives are: Kamate Mundunaenda Alexis, aged 25 yearsBurhani Abdou Surumwe, aged 30 years Nzabonimpa Ntamakiriro Prince, aged 27 years Maneno Kataghalirwa Reagan, aged 27 years Kibanji Bashekere Eric, aged 28 years Paluku Budoyi Innocent, aged 28 years To support the Virunga Fund, click the link in my bio or visit globalwildlife.org/virunga-fund #virunga #virunganationalpark #congo #rangers

05 января 2021 20:00
If you’re voting in #Georgia today, you will need a photo ID to vote in-person. Visit the @thevoteriders profile to learn what ID is required. If you don’t have the proper ID, @thevoteriders can help you get it. #IDCheck #gasen #gasenaterunoff

05 января 2021 01:49
#Georgia voters: Marc Elias and @DemocracyDocket have created this helpful guide for voting in the GA runoffs. From @DemocracyDocket: Our Know Your Rights Guide is back—this time for the #GA runoffs! As a voter, you have a number of rights at the polls, including the right to stay in line and the right to a paper ballot.

04 января 2021 21:28
From @StaceyAbrams: GEORGIA VOTERS (and particularly Cobb County!): Voting in person today? Stay in line until your ballot is cast and your voice is heard! Remaining hours and locations: iwillvote.com. If you are in line before closing time, you get to vote! Call 888-730-5816 if you have questions or need more information. Happy voting. #gapol #gasen

03 января 2021 23:32
5 terrifying ways humanity is damaging the planet.Over half of the world's GDP is highly or moderately dependent on nature. Read more by tapping the link in the @worldeconomicforum’s bio #nature #environment #sustainability #conservation #wildlife

28 декабря 2020 23:15
From the @nytimes: Climate change is propelling enormous human migrations, transforming global agriculture and remaking the world order. But for a few nations, climate change will present an unparalleled opportunity, as the planet’s coldest regions become more temperate.There is plenty of reason to think that those places will also receive an extraordinary influx of people displaced from the hottest parts of the world as the climate warms. Human migration, historically, has been driven by the pursuit of prosperity even more so than it has by environmental strife. With climate change, prosperity and habitability — haven and economic opportunity — will soon become one and the same.And no country may be better positioned to capitalize on climate change than Russia.Russia has the largest land mass by far of any northern nation. It is positioned farther north than all of its South Asian neighbors, which collectively are home to the largest global population fending off displacement from rising seas, drought and an overheating climate. Like Canada, Russia is rich in resources and land, with room to grow. And whether by accident or strategy (or some combination of the 2), the steps its leaders have steadily taken have increasingly positioned Russia to regain its superpower mantle in a warmer world. The lyrics to Russia’s modern anthem suggest that at least some of its leaders have anticipated this moment: “Wide spaces for dreams and for living are opened for us by the coming years.”For 2 years, the reporter Abrahm Lustgarten has been documenting a great global climate migration that is already underway. Tap the link in the @nytimes bio to read this final installment of a 3-part series for @NYTMag and ProPublica, in which he focuses on the country that benefits the most — Russia. Photos by @sergeyponomarev

23 декабря 2020 19:35
From the @NRDC_Org: Fighting for environmental justice: priceless.Click the link in the @NRDC_Org bio and tap the receipt to find actions and resources ranging from environmental racism in Chicago, Pennsylvania’s initiative to cut carbon pollution, & Shoshone-Bannock Tribes’ effort to save Snake River sockeye salmon from extinction.#EnvironmentalJustice #EnvironmentalRacism #Receipts #ClimateAction #ClimateChange #ActonClimate #Priceless #StopGeneralIron #RGGI #RiverOfReturn #RiverNewe #ExctinctionIsForever #RestoreTheRivers #IndigenousSovereignty #SaveWildSalmon

22 декабря 2020 21:58
From President-Elect @JoeBiden: I believe that every American has a fundamental right to breathe clean air and drink clean water.

21 декабря 2020 00:23
Via @newgeorgiaproject:Early voting for the #Georgia Senate Runoff on January 5th has begun. Make sure your voice is counted. Head to newgeorgiaproject.org to make sure you are registered and to find out where you can vote.

17 декабря 2020 19:58
Forests with high integrity play a critical role in slowing climate change, preserving biodiversity, protecting Indigenous Peoples, and avoiding future pandemics.A new index from @thewcs, @global_wildlife_conservation and partners shows that only 40% of forests have high integrity. #forests4life

16 декабря 2020 20:15
This year has been especially challenging for wildlife, wildlands and their guardians – from the current COVID-19 pandemic, to devastating wildfires, larger and more frequent hurricanes in the Caribbean, and other environmental crises. It has shown that we must urgently reset our relationship with nature. That’s why today I’m joining @europeaid and @global_wildlife_conservation to launch two important new initiatives. The first, called Rapid RESCUE, will provide a rapid response to emerging threats to biodiversity, ecosystems critical to the planet’s health, protected areas, and surrounding vulnerable communities. These threats could include those caused by the current pandemic, fires, hurricanes, species extinction, and other future emergencies. The second will support the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s @virunganationalpark, the most biodiverse protected area on the African continent.The European Union is leading the way in supporting nature-based solutions to address the climate and wildlife extinction crises. I am honored to work with the EU, Commissioner @JuttaUrpilainen, and GWC to establish these funds to carry out urgent conservation actions around the world. For the benefit of all life on Earth, it’s our duty to protect precious ecosystems to let wildlife and wild places flourish.

16 декабря 2020 00:41
#Georgia voters - early voting has started. Via @StaceyAbrams: GEORGIA: In-person early voting is underway for the Senate runoff election. Jan. 5 is the last day to vote, but why wait to make your voice heard? Make a plan to vote in your county today at iwillvote.com. #gapol

14 декабря 2020 19:35
The world’s biggest iceberg is heading towards South Georgia.On course for disaster. Read more by tapping the link in the @worldeconomicforum’s bio #penguin #animals #wildlife #nature #environment

12 декабря 2020 00:31
Latest from the @BahamasNationalTrust: We're saying NO to Oil and YES to our oceans.A growing number of Bahamians are clearly opposed to and not willing to accept the risks associated with an oil industry in The Bahamas. The prevailing view is there is simply too much at stake.As a staunch defender of the Bahamian environment, the BNT is categorically opposed to oil exploration in The Bahamas. We stand with every Bahamian speaking out against proposed oil exploration in our ocean nation.Bahamian communities rely on healthy ocean ecosystems to support jobs in fishing, recreation, and tourism. The oil industry’s track record in often failing to protect the environment effectively makes such developments too big a risk to be allowed in our fragile ocean nation.Read their full statement at the link in the @BahamasNationalTrust bio.Photo of the Conception Island National Park by @bahama_ali

11 декабря 2020 19:51
From @AmazonFrontlines: Meet @nemonte.nenquimo, a Waorani leader from Ecuador’s Amazon defending her ancestral territory, culture, and way of life in the Amazon rainforest. Just a few days ago, Nemonte was awarded the 2020 Goldman Environmental Prize for Central & South America, in recognition of her leadership in her people’s legendary struggle to protect their territory from oil drilling and for inspiring millions around the world to stand up for #IndigenousRights, to protect the Amazon and our climate.“As a Waorani woman, a mother, and a leader, I know that this award is not mine alone. It is for my ancestors, my elders, Indigenous peoples across the world risking their lives to protect Mother Earth. And it is for you, too! We are all in this together. And the stakes have never been higher.” - Nemonte Nenquimo, Waorani LeaderYou can support Nemonte’s Frontlines Challenge with @AmazonFrontlines to send urgent resources to Indigenous peoples on the frontlines of the fight to protect the Amazon and our climate! https://bit.ly/FrontlinesChallenge12

11 декабря 2020 03:57
I support @RepDebHaaland for Secretary of Interior. #DebForInteriorVia @_Illuminatives: ACTION NEEDED@repdebhaaland has protected natural resources, public lands, & our planet for decades. She is the only person endorsed by 150 tribal leaders, more than 50 House Democrats and thousands of American who have signed petitions supporting her appointment.A decision on the appointment is coming soon. Contact @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris and the @Transition46 team TODAY and let them know we need #DebForInterior

10 декабря 2020 19:23
We are a step closer to helping #SaveTheBlueHeartofEurope with the recent announcement from the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina that, starting in 2021, they will stop providing subsidies for small hydropower projects.The new bylaws are a first step toward helping protect thousands of kilometers of the country’s wild rivers and the people and wildlife that depend on these waterways. It could also help set a precedent across the Balkans to protect Europe’s last wild rivers. “It has been so inspiring to see how committed local environmental activism, complemented by international attention, has spurred widespread opposition to this devastating practice,” said Wes Sechrest, GWC chief scientist and CEO. “Now it is critical that the FBiH follow through on its promise not only to its people, but to the citizens of the world, who want to see the protection of the rivers of the Balkans, or Europe’s ‘blue heart’.”#BiHRunsFree #jaBiHdatecem #ExtinctionEndsHere

09 декабря 2020 22:21
Rangers protect 30% of the planet. They are critical to helping us reverse the twin crises of climate change and species extinction. Renowned photographers are offering unique prints in support of wildlife rangers in the new #ArtForRangers online sale hosted by @global_wildlife_conservation on Artsy. The pandemic has been devastating for rangers in Africa. Their salaries have drastically been cut, many of them have been furloughed, leaving wildlife and local communities vulnerable and unprotected.  Two dozen leading photographers are now stepping up to help by offering their incredible images to support ranger teams in Africa that have been most severely hit by the economic impacts of COVID-19. 100% of proceeds will be contributed to the Ranger Fund administered by @tusk_org to support rangers on the ground, providing a lifeline to their communities as well as iconic wildlife. All proceeds will be matched 1:1 by @naturalstate_org, building on the success of the Wildlife Ranger Challenge that launched in October.To see more photos and make a purchase, visit: artsy.net/globalwildlife/rangers (link in bio)Photos by: @amivitale, @beverlyjoubert, @brentstirton, @paulnicklen, @davidyarrow, @robindmoore, @willbl, @daisygilardini, @shannon__wild, @jenguyton#ArtForRangers #ForWildlifeRangers #Rangers #Wildlife #Nature #Conservation #Photography #Africa