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03 апреля 2020 04:29
I don't know WHAT we would do without our small but mighty @westviewnewsNow more than ever. They are keeping us informed, finding ways to support our small businesses and making certain our seniors and most vulnerable neighbors have all the information they need to feel safe. I read every issue cover to cover every month. In regular times we count on the @westviewnews indefatigable staff. In these scary and irregular times they are a beacon for their devoted readers.In its 15 year history of advocacy and reporting this is their best issue ever. And it's free for all those in the community. I'm so proud of them. And I thank them.Yay for local papers!X,SJPs you can read the whole issue on the @westviewnews website

02 апреля 2020 00:35
If you know the words...X,SJ

01 апреля 2020 23:41
Apparently toothpicks, @elmersproducts wood glue and some optimism will keep my failing cabinet door affixed.Step 1.We shall see.But I got this on good good authority.X, SJ

01 апреля 2020 17:51
I recall when these arrived.First samples of our @sjpcollectionHello Lover Fawn in Black Nappa from Italy.I just pranced around the house and even snuck them out to dinner once.We didn't yet have on shelves, available for everyone.We do now. When and if the time is right, take a virtual spin in them.@sjpcollection has all the details for our website, promocodes and the visit might be a nice distraction.Link in bioX,SJ

01 апреля 2020 14:47
April 1st, 2020Rabbit rabbitX,SJ

30 марта 2020 16:42
It's impossible to get anything done with herself constantly, well simply being.X,SJ

28 марта 2020 00:23
I'm so excited to read this that I can barely take the steps to begin for the anticipated gloom when @emilystjohnmandel 's much lauded new book will inevitably end.My fellow readers, you know the feeling.Nonetheless my journey inside The Glass House begins.X,SJPs and let me add I know our beloved libraries across the country are all doing what they can to get books to readers, so check in with your local libraries to see what services they are offering their community right now, as well for those that can purchase please try and support your local independent booksellers but if you want to purchase and can't find it locally there is a wonderful website @bookshop_org that is able to fulfill your needs. As well, they support local and independent booksellers!

26 марта 2020 22:16
Homemade confetti and a cat.X,SJ

26 марта 2020 22:14
A birthday was celebrated.Decades old streamers found a purpose.1 piece of tape doing double duty.Old paint producing new works by 10 year old hands. This one will never be forgotten.X, SJ

26 марта 2020 18:31
I only bother changing shoes. Working from home. X, Sj

25 марта 2020 02:51
Open for ordering my favorite Chicken Alyssa or my favoriteGrandma Pizza in the Tri-State area or the classic plain, pepperoni or your hearts desire toppings pizzaOrder curbside pick up or delivery from your favorite local spot.If you are a Chatham NJ #chathamnj or environs resident Arminios Italian Corner is ready and delighted to serve.Hoping we can keep businesses we love open for business.X,SJ

23 марта 2020 03:29
Waiting in queue with my husband to help our @theactorsfund @kateelizabethrussell 's My Dark Vanessa pages turning at mach speed.X,SJ

23 марта 2020 02:58
Matthew and I are very happy to be included. Anything to help @theactorsfund and our colleagues, friends on stage and off who lIke so many can use support. @theactorsfund has been taking care of, looking after and offering a hand and community for so many, for so long. Whatever is needed to return the generosity. Today an urgency I might never have imagined.See you soon!!!X,SJ

20 марта 2020 20:29
I have been waiting for this book. But I'm not alone. There has been a sort of impatience and delicious anticipation felt those waiting to be inside TaraShea Nesbit's much talked about BEHELD In these unimaginable but real times I know we are all trying to think of ways to support our local businesses, help friends and neighbors. And I also know that purchasing a book right now is not doable for many and not all libraries are open however you can check with your local library, many are offering free delivery or other options to still borrow books online resources or an app to borrow ebooks.. Check out your local library website for all details. For those that can purchase, I hope you will consider ordering this and other books from your local indie store who often can and want to ship to their customers and who also want to remain "open for business" Or purchase via @bookshop_org In the meantime, I really am trying to figure out a way to share my books, I know they are much needed companions right now. If you have any ideas or have started a safe system for sharing, let me know! Love to all. X,SJ

19 марта 2020 02:18
Boobah brings up lots of mixed feelings in our home but I'm awfully glad I didn't toss him.Does anyone have any recollection of this moment in the early aughts?So much more to share from the depths of various closets...Leaving you on pins and needles. Purposefully.X

17 марта 2020 06:25
Alright Matthew, Loretta and Tabitha.I completely get it. I'm buoyed to learn there are 10 seasons.And oh the movie stars peppering every episode. Last night Patrick McGoohan, Bruno and Bruce KirbyTonight Ruth Gordon, Mariette HartleyMust pace ourselves."Oh, just one more thing." X,SJ

17 марта 2020 00:08
Laundry.Among the other things to keep clean hands occupied.X,SJ

16 марта 2020 08:10
Heart and Soul.With clean hands.Over and over.For however long.X,SJ

13 марта 2020 06:34
Broadway doesn't stay quiet for long.We will be back.The Rialto will hum.Times Square will hustle and bustleAnd we will be ready to swing open the doors of the beautiful Hudson Theatre and share an afternoon or evening together. We count the days until the marquees are once again lit. In the meantime, we think of all those affected and hope for everyone's good health. X,SJ

08 марта 2020 06:24
Gemmy.Gemmy.Gemmy.As baby kitten.I can hardly, really truly, I cant, I am undone...to be reminded, to gaze atthat much darling in one photo.There ought to be a law.@aspca yes. Forever in your debt. X,SJ