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18 февраля 2020 21:12
@thirdpiece_ !!!I'm not sure what I might have done to deserve these grogeo8s handmade, cozy, perfect for today's weather gifts (and some extras) but I will aim to be deserving.In the meantime thank you Kristen and all the knitters.X,SJ

18 февраля 2020 07:59
When your theatre is dark.Our blue sky day off on a perfectly blissful Boston Monday included an exquisite lobster roll at the family owned @jameshooklobster, a walk into the North End and all the charm and surprises and history it offers, glimpses of @thefreedomtrail, architecture, wrought iron beauty, tiny stores selling gorgeous s salami and olives,a stroll along Beacon Hill and the great green of the Boston Common and our ride back home on the red/orange line of @thembta A feast. In every way.X,SJ

17 февраля 2020 00:36
Dateline Boston@thepalmboston An evening post show with friends who traveled north up the Eastern Seaboard to be our audience at @plazasuitebway This cake perfectly symbolic of all the celebrations, markings of openings, birthdays, milestones both bittersweet and joyful. A bounty of memories courtesy of our dear, one in a million @brucebozzi who always offered unparalleled hospitality and cheer.@brucebozzi you and your family's decades of dedication to your customers will always be among my most favorite and cherished memories. Onward and with gratitude.Your, SmokeyXxx

15 февраля 2020 18:50
Beautiful Lynn Cohen. Miranda's dear and necessary Magda.Our dear SATC colleague.Talent, grace, inspiration.RIPX,SJ

13 февраля 2020 03:04
Thank you to my friends at @bostonballet for sending some Spring to me and Matthew. I have temporary custody of your lovely gesture but aim to be generous. X,SJ PS Norma Hubley's mother of the bride hat trying go steal a bit of attention screen right.

12 февраля 2020 02:56
#checking in to Suite 719@plazasuitebwayKaren's simple adornments And a label from the great Broadway milliner Rodney Gordon.X,SJ

12 февраля 2020 01:21
This milkshake. It means a great deal to me. X,SJ

10 февраля 2020 23:13
Our @sjpcollection Hello Lover Fawn. With mismatched grosgrain up the back. I don't know what took us so long...Available now exclusively on sjpbysarahjessicaparker.comX,SJPs just search HELLO LOVER on our website and I have learned they are flying,but please know we will re-stock soon so feel free to add your name to our waitlist on our product page! So delighted to see the happy response to our new addition!

10 февраля 2020 22:49
At last. Yes What a day off is designed for. No doubt.And yes @bravoandy I am besotted. Just like you predicted.X,SJ

09 февраля 2020 02:23
#checkingin to Suite 719And signing in.I'm early.....Always. X,SJ

08 февраля 2020 03:36
#checking in to Suite 719@plazasuitebway 8pm curtain tonightThis is how it goes.Act 1Karen Nash X,SJ

07 февраля 2020 17:37
Only because I know I'd hear more than a "Bronx cheer" if I DIDN'T share this news...Happening right now, our @sjpcollection blowout sale!At sjpbysarahjessicaparker.com and in-store at our 52nd Street boutique.Select styles are marked WAY down and won't get any lower than this.And don't worry! You can still shop our winter sale at all participating SJP locations.Run, don't walk. ALL sale officially ends on Monday at 12:00am EST.Any questions, ask away!X, SJPs. Our sale return policies will apply. Please be sure to review before purchase!

06 февраля 2020 00:41
#checking to Suite 719Backstage @emersoncolonial @plazasuitebway A stage at rest before we open the doors for our first preview.Oh boy!X,SJ

03 февраля 2020 20:41
#checkingin to Suite719Starting tech on A Visitor From Forest Hills @plazasuitebway The tools.The greasepaint.The lashes.The @qtips The clock is ticking X,SJ

03 февраля 2020 02:57
#checkingin to Suite 719 Tech. Stage right. For the union required hourly 10 min breaks.X,SJ

02 февраля 2020 19:27
Yes. Please dont.X,SJ

01 февраля 2020 17:57
Feb 1st, 2020Rabbit rabbit.From the road in New England on a journey that will mark this day beyond its place on a calendar.X,SJ

01 февраля 2020 06:19
#checkingin to suite 719Respite in Karen and Roy footwear Act 1@plazasuitebway tech.Goodnight!X,SJ

01 февраля 2020 02:54
#checkingin to Suite 719Backstage at the @emersoncolonial Returning for half hour after a brief dinner break.Day/night 2 of tech on @plazasuitebway X,SJ

31 января 2020 02:55
#checkingin to Suite 719Oh this beautiful theatre @emersoncolonial We couldn't be more besotted.Deep in tech on @plazasuitebway and there is nowhere else I'd rather be.X,SJ