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02 августа 2020 01:55
Aug 1st, 2020Rabbit rabbitX,SJ@saintrecordss

31 июля 2020 21:38
Like many titles I have shared recently, Black Sunday by @that.tola was a title I had been waiting to read. Following in the footsteps of other just read and enormously affecting debut'sMs. Abraham's debut is fierce, deeply intimate and shares with vivid detail a time and place I had never known. In @that.tola 's hands I am left reeling and in awe of her beautiful writing.There is just a bounty of absolutely divine books by a wonderfully diverse group of women writers which means great news for their lucky readers. X,SJ

29 июля 2020 01:58
Challenge Accepted @abharrisBecause the portrait of me would be a portrait of my mother's daughter. My mother who spoke of @doloreshuerta and her tireless work on behalf of United Farm Workers. Because our young years were spent boycotting in support of her work and the work of her colleague Cesar Chavez. Because she was and is the portrait of women supporting women. X,SJ

28 июля 2020 00:09
Pre-ordered.Counted down the days til this book was mine.#kellijoford and her Crooked Hallelujah is a book that you want to share with everyone you know and a book that you are desperate to keep in your own possession.A masterful debut and a new and thrilling voice for readers across the globe.X,SJ

25 июля 2020 03:47
The portrait of cooperation, community support and solutions. So grateful to all. The list is long.X,SJ

21 июля 2020 00:43
Tabitha's sewing machine.Up and running. The shingle is out.X,SJ

18 июля 2020 07:47
Civil rights icon and towering figure. "His life is a lesson in the fierce urgency of now."Til his last days.Gone too soon at 80 years young.Rep. Lewis, we will always aim for the "good trouble." RIPX,SJ

18 июля 2020 00:38
Without sewing a thing!You just need an old all cotton t-shirtA sharpie3 safety pins1 paper towel for filterAnd about 15 mind.And it works well.It's double layered, dark enough to not see light through it, with a paper towel folded for a double layer as well. You can watch the very helpful video by googling A User's Guide to Face MasksThe video is fantastic and super simple.X, SJPs finished product photo forthcoming

17 июля 2020 14:51
The Rev.C.T VivianCivil rights hero. One of the first Freedom Riders.Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient.Stalwart activist with an overwhelming commitment to social justice.With gratitude and humility for your tireless efforts toward our founding ideals.95 years old.RIPX,SJ

16 июля 2020 01:02
Hello @citibike (I'm a rider!)Hello all of our local/district elected officialsAs we all know small businesses all over the country and those here at home, uniquely NY are desperate to survive and open their doors and or sidewalks safely, responsibly and in compliance with the law in order to welcome back their long time and new customers. But we have to be supportive and work together so that we might sooner than later return to a version of our vibrant and dynamic city. Please, please, please can someone reach out/respond to Mr. Ramirez and help him clear the red tape so that he might have the outdoor seating he wants to offer to his customers. This 100 year old restaurant was bought by the current owners father in 1979 after emigrating from Spain and starting as a waiter. His son David Ramirez is the current owner and 73 11th st is a destination for countless in the community. My family among them. I'm happy to help move the @citibike rack just a bit east to make room for some outdoor seating. Whatever it takes. Love @citibike love Genes. They don't have to be mutually exclusive. If we say we are supportive of our small businesses, we have to mean it. There must be a solution.Anyone, anyone? X,SJ#savegenesAnd thank you @ninapwabc for your reporting!

15 июля 2020 18:11
As do your readers. All of us.Everytime we read your work.Congratulations @colsonwhitehead So deeply deserved.X,SJ

14 июля 2020 19:33
If it’s Tuesday, it must be 54th Street (between 5th and 6th).Just bid adieu to our first customers of the day. I’ll be here working today and tomorrow. If you want to get off the sizzling streets of New York, come inside. Welcome everyone to the new @sjpcollection boutique.X, Sj

14 июля 2020 18:01
Haven't taken it off.X,SJ

14 июля 2020 01:08
Artist unknownMixed mediaSourdough, rye, ciabattaButter knifeTitle I was going to...NYCirca 2020Unsigned

08 июля 2020 18:51
31 West 54th Street. Doors are open. Masks are on. Shoes are stocked. Ready to be of service. X, SJ

07 июля 2020 02:52
Tomorrow, July 7th, 2020.The paper and tape are coming down and our doors officially open at 11am.31 West 54th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues.While we wish we could fill every inch of our sparkling new @sjpcollection boutique with each and every one of you, we'll be taking every necessary safety precaution to keep our customers safe.Visit the link in my bio to learn more about the new in-store shopping and curbside pick-up procedures and protocols.We look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow, from a safe social distance of course.X, SJ

05 июля 2020 03:14
Don't worry, I got the headlights on.X,SJ

04 июля 2020 20:46
She can't.Don't talk to her.Dont even look at her.@hamiltonmusical#hamifilmX,SJ

04 июля 2020 06:54
Like the 1st time all over again.Every single one of you.On stage, off stage and in the pit.Thank you.X,SJ

01 июля 2020 19:26
July 1st, 2020Rabbit rabbit.X,SJ

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