Сара Джессика Паркер instgaram.com/sarahjessicaparker

12 декабря 2019 17:54
These gems are absolutely exquisite.Thank you @katflorence for the opportunity to wear such beautifully crafted jewels.X, SJ#ad

12 декабря 2019 01:01
Oh young love. Early friendship. I couldn't possibly have known what @bravoandy would come to mean nor how the love for him would grow.Thank you so much @everyoutfitonsatcIt was a blissful walk down memory lane and a sweet thrill to recognize what the decades of friendship have rendered. X,SJ

08 декабря 2019 22:05
He was the original Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch. Therefore he was all of us. And our childhood. RIP Caroll SpinneyX,SJ

08 декабря 2019 21:50
'Tis the season for @intimissimiofficial, no matter what you're celebrating.X, SJ#intimissimi #intimissimixmas

07 декабря 2019 03:42
I guess I was waiting for a sign. Tonight's the night.Thank you dearest @virgilabloh @womensoffwhite This little number is sure going to help my decades old parka look downright fresh. And fits all the bibs and bits and bobs.And keys.X,SJ

06 декабря 2019 21:12
Who better to occupy and distract during teeth cleaning. Or anytime. Anywhere. X,SJ

06 декабря 2019 01:27
Yes.Please.My fervent wishX,SJ

05 декабря 2019 16:42
I Amber Hunt.Not JUST because she is from Cincinnati my home town and does great and important reporting for the @enquirer but also for her podcasts Aftermath and the much missed Accused (which just debuted its season 3!)Credit also to Amber's reporting partner on Accused, Amanda Rossman. You are a mighty team. So happy to have you once again in my ears.X,SJ

04 декабря 2019 06:09
Goodnight December 3rd.X,SJ

04 декабря 2019 00:35
Overtime. @invivoxsjp is enjoyed.We are tickled so many have joined us with a glass or 2. Cheers and bottles filled with thanks,X,SJ

02 декабря 2019 23:27
Falling.X,SJ@siamusic Snowflake

01 декабря 2019 21:48
Making hay.X,SJ

01 декабря 2019 21:34
Impossible to ignore.I will never get any work done.X,SJ

01 декабря 2019 18:13
December 1st, 2019Rabbit rabbitX,SJ

29 ноября 2019 00:41
From our gathering.To yours.Near and far.May you be well fed, surrounded by folks you love, who love you and plenty of willing and helpful hands to clear.Happy Thanksgiving.X, SJ

28 ноября 2019 04:52
Mise en place or rather on it's way to being.@clarkbar we cant quit your Brioche Chesnut Stuffing from Thanksgiving 2018 nor your Broccoli With Fried Shallots and Olives but have added to the repertoire your 2019 offering Lemony Cauliflower With Garlic and Herbs.Respect and best to all who rise early for the bird chapter. I will be up with you.X,SJ

26 ноября 2019 20:30
Unsheathed.Unplanned and simultaneous.In synch with Mr. Broderick. X,SJ

25 ноября 2019 17:52
Dublin. In a night.And everything else the gorgeous city offers. We are always waiting our return. X,SJ

18 ноября 2019 07:33
Opening night and seeing our dear friend @jbenhickey soar.I'm grateful for the extra length on my hem which served well to wipe the tears we all shed tonight at the Barrymore Theatre.Congratulations to the cast, writer, directors and backstage crew and all in front of house for an epic day/night in the theatre.X,SJ

17 ноября 2019 06:20
Welcome to the neighborhood.It sure is nice to have another local spot to recommend, to visit.X, SJ#TOWNS AND CITIES