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31 июля 2020 21:16
If you love golf this man, Ron Del barrio, is an incredible teacher and I’ve seen many. The best. You can contact him the Studuo City driving Range in Studio City California. Check him out, Rdbgolftips@hotmail.com

31 июля 2020 04:03
A super happy birthday big man! We go back a long way, to the very beginning, it has been an extraordinary adventure every bit of the way! You are sharper and more driven than you ever have been, keep it up , you’re still a role model for me..

30 июля 2020 20:15
Happy birthday to my Super brother, Frank! All heart, talent, and a mean LEFT HOOK!!! Please Go to @frank.stallone and wish him the happiest of Birthdays! Keep punching, My friends!

28 июля 2020 21:52
You paint what you feel, then you reveal What’s floating around in your imagination. It is titled “ ON HER OWN AGAIN”. @stalloneartwork

26 июля 2020 20:32
Out with my daughters. We dropped our masks real fast for the picture. Be safe, keep punching! #fresh air. @sophiastallone @scarletstallone @sistinestallone

23 июля 2020 01:57
Funny, I found this picture of practicing golf in a meadow that’s 8000 feet up. When the Golf bug bites , you’re hooked!

21 июля 2020 21:05
It looks like some people just don’t get over it, LOL. Looking good Dolph.

20 июля 2020 20:21
Myself and the BIG MAN are still rolling along staying strong! Best to everyone in these hard times and ALWAYS KEEP PUNCHING! !!!!!!!!!!@schwarzenegger

20 июля 2020 05:16
If FIRST BLOOD Were to be made today...

16 июля 2020 19:23
I really enjoyed making this movie. Both Wesley and Sandy were great.

15 июля 2020 22:21
I would like to thank everyone for making this one of the top 10 on iTunes last month ... and NOW it is the NUMBER ONE pre-order documentary on iTunes in the United Kingdom this week! Keep punching.

14 июля 2020 06:57
My heart felt sympathy goes out The wonderful Actress , Wife, and Mother , Kelly Preston , and my very long time friend John Travolta. RIP

10 июля 2020 19:15
Remember, even if you don’t want to,EXERCISE! Also I will do another Q&A very soon.

09 июля 2020 19:04
Time flies by so fast! I try to fly ahead of it. Try to push yourself to do things you normally don’t want to do. It pays off in the long run. Your Brain is like a Gym.

07 июля 2020 23:27
News Flash! A BREAKDANCE SPECIAL... This is the thanks you get after giving your dog a half hour bath!

07 июля 2020 05:49
This is the future athlete of the century! Frank the Tank , Also known as “the little red truck!

06 июля 2020 20:51
A great birthday breakfast made by my wonderful daughters! I’m gonna eat until I explode, they go to the gym and unload!

04 июля 2020 21:13
Happy birthday !!Keep Punching America!

03 июля 2020 20:22
“ He tried to come home “ Check it out this weekend. “Nothing is over”

02 июля 2020 18:13
Enjoy the full journey. Available now on Apple TV. THE RIDE IS NOT OVER...

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