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12 декабря 2019 20:26
Looking forward to this! @mgm_studios releasing in December 2020 #Balboa @balboa_productions #SamaritanMovie

11 декабря 2019 18:34
I really like this rare photo, but I’m completely sure that Dolph did not. Enjoy your nap... #KeepPunching

08 декабря 2019 09:41
HOME STALLONE ! You have change with the times, right? scary...

08 декабря 2019 04:56
Just having a great time at home watching fights with a great bunch of guys. Jay Glazer, Sugar Ray Leonard, Director Joe Carnahan, Frank Grillo, Bryan Callen, Chris D’Elia, Al Pacino, Arnold Schwarzenegger, me, super chef Guy Fieri and Bill Burr who unfortunately could not fit into the frame!!! And super magician, David Blaine who was doing extraordinary card tricks in the other room with my lovely daughters. What a great day!

07 декабря 2019 21:15
Heavyweight Champion @andy_destroyer13! How can you not love this guy? Anthony Joshua is also a class act! Good luck to both men today! @dazn_usa @slystalloneshop

06 декабря 2019 23:23
“That’s got to hurt!” Believe it or not this photo is someone’s TATTOO! Now that’s what I call a dedicated fan. Thank you!

06 декабря 2019 18:27
So excited for this title fight tomorrow between Andy Ruiz Junior “THE MEXICAN ROCKY” Versus Anthony Joshua! Also love the song he chose, reminds me of a character I met along time ago in Philly, yo! @dazn_usa

30 ноября 2019 21:54
My last game at the World Cup exhibition finals in Florida. I miss the sport. But I still love to ride.

30 ноября 2019 06:50
ANDY RUIZ, JR: The reigning heavyweight champion of the world! I am privileged to have “The Mexican Rocky!” holding the shirt from the 2nd #Rocky film. Good luck on your upcoming title defense on December 7 on @dazn_usa. The shirt is available at @slystalloneshop @rockybalboa.1976

29 ноября 2019 15:22
I’ve been wearing this shirt since 1979. Still fits like a glove. Check out all the new merch and black friday deals at @slystalloneshop

29 ноября 2019 05:19
The turkey brothers. Unfortunately one didn’t make it!

29 ноября 2019 00:30
Happy Thanksgiving! Go for it today! #agentnickyc @slystalloneshop

26 ноября 2019 21:48
Messing around between scenes with Colonel Trautman, aka Richard Crenna. He was the greatest. I so miss this talented man. #Rambo

25 ноября 2019 19:17
To learn this game properly, you must start very young. Obviously this puppy plans on going pro!

23 ноября 2019 00:02
An absolutely EPIC night celebrating the premiere of our documentary “ONE NIGHT: JOSHUA vs RUIZ” with our friends and partners at @DAZN_USA. More to come!Link in bio for a first look.@balboa_productions #OneNight #JoshuaRuiz by Danny Moloshok/Invision/AP

22 ноября 2019 18:34
Happy Birthday to my amazing brother-in-law, Dr. Neal Elattrache, the world renowned orthopedic surgeon and head team physician for the @rams and @dodgers. Also, President of the American Orthopedic Society for Sports and Medicine, who has saved the careers of many famous athletes, such as @tombrady, @kobebryant, plus many many more, including myself! You are the best of the BEST! #kerlanjobeorthopedicclinic

22 ноября 2019 09:15
Nov 21, 1976: On this day 43 years ago #ROCKY was born. Thank you for all the great moments and support. YO, #KEEPPUNCHING!

21 ноября 2019 03:49
“…Somehow you have to bring some COLOR into your world!”

19 ноября 2019 04:18
Thank you for being SO supportive of my artwork over the years. I have been asked where you can see some of my pieces. A new LIMITED COLLECTION is available now by clicking the link in my bio.

16 ноября 2019 07:46
Nothing like a horse to calm me down. By the way, the name “Stallone” means STALLION in Italian... Strange but true.