Student Life

How can you cope with stress during your studies? Due to the transition to the bachelor-master's system, students at German universities are increasingly seeking psychological help. In 2008 there was a 20 per cent increase in such cases compared to the previous period. According to the representatives of the student organisation, the most common problems that young people encounter are work irregularities, study disruptions, difficulties with studies and self-management, lack of time, depression, fear of exams... The list could be continued. When you're overextended and the first symptoms of stress are present, you can resort to Pareto's law. You give a '20', you get an '80'. How do you avoid stress? One way is to allocate your time properly. This is where Pareto's law, better known as "80/20", comes to the student's rescue. According to this combination, by managing your time rationally, just 20 percent of the effort put in gives 80 percent of the desired result. But the remaining 80 percent of energy will then go to "polishing". The Italian economist and sociologist Vilfredo Pareto formulated this law in 1897. The main thing is to prioritise. Many people make the same mistake - start the working day with secondary affairs, rushing on trifles. Experts advise to focus first of all on those tasks that are of paramount importance for the final result. The general rule of thumb is: "You must get your priorities right". The word "priority" itself contains the Latin prefix "prio", which means "before". Every day, you decide what needs to be done first in order to achieve your goal. If a session is imminent, and from the fear of exams spoils the mood, it is time to ask yourself what tasks should be devoted more time, what need to finish today, and what things can wait until tomorrow. The key to success is knowing how to say no. When combining study with work, many students have to deal with an extra workload at the office. According to Pareto's law, not every task requires a hundred percent commitment. If a colleague or classmate is always tempted to throw you two or three more tasks, you should learn to say 'no'. Another way out of this situation, experts say, is to delegate authority. Some people manage to delegate some tasks to colleagues. In short, to avoid stress and not to feel cornered, you need to plan your time properly. And Pareto's law will help you focus on the essentials and save energy.

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